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The Parliamentary Review (of best practice)

Case study: St. Dominic Savio Catholic Primary Berkshire.

Ofsted declared that the school Required Improvement in 2013, by 2015 it was judged Good with Outstanding features and was in the top 5% of schools nationally for performance. The following year it became the number one ranked school in the local authority (Real Schools guide).

We use the Assertive Mentoring approach. It integrates targets setting, tracking, mentoring and checking systems to raise achievement for all pupils.

James Broadbridge, HT: St. Dominic Savio Primary, Berkshire

Impact On Ofsted

We would not have believed this amount of progress was even possible. The best example of using assessment we have ever witnessed. Pupils’ self-confidence and attitudes to learning have changed beyond recognition.
(Mount Pleasant Primary, Darlington: Ofsted)

We’re amazed – blown away! Amazing SATs results and VA scores, best results in our history; E&M from 49% to 89%; Notice to Improve to ‘good with outstanding’ - all within 12 months! AM was the vehicle for this amazing turn around - thank you for sharing it!
(D. Luke, HT: Radcliffe Hall Pri, Bury)

Thank you for this wonderful programme which we have benefitted from so much. Ofsted love it and moved us from RI to good within the year!
(Marion Tapp, HT: Kimberworth Centre of Learning, Rotherham)

Assertive Mentoring - one of my best decisions!!! Our RWM score was well above the national average. Our SPAG was highest ever!! We have also recently moved from having 3 RI Ofsted judgements to our first ever Good!!! Many thanks.
(Brenda Fyrth, HT: Thomlinson Junior School, Cumbria)

Last year we were under floor targets, had two satisfactory reports and had the DFE breathing down our necks looking to force an academy conversion. This year results across the board are massively improved. Ofsted have just graded us good with outstanding features. Assertive Mentoring has been a major force in the culture of change within my school; raising accountability and focussing teachers on what the children can achieve.
(Mark Standen, HT: Holy Trinity CE Primary, Darwen)

We were in Notice to Improve. Since we introduced AM progress across KS2 has been outstanding. Ofsted now describe us as ‘a rapidly improving school’ and took us out the following year.
(J. Briggs, HT: All Saints Primary, Bolton)

We started it in February and were inspected two weeks later. Ofsted loved it and moved us from satisfactory to good. We went on to get the best results in our history! 80% English, 90% maths and E&M went from 45% to 79%!
(E. Wickham, DHT: Burnwood Primary, Stoke)

Assertive Mentoring has been key to our school improvement and the move from RI to Good by Ofsted.
(Kay Swann, HT: Cawston Primary, Norfolk)

Our academy trust took on AM 18 months ago and we can report amazing test scores at KS1 and KS2. Our pupils’ behaviour and attendance is outstanding! We were inspected recently where the impact of AM was pivotal in achieving our outstanding judgement. We could not have achieved this so quickly without our use of AM.
(Katrina Ware, Exec Principal: Timu Academy Trust, Kent)

Ofsted loved Assertive Mentoring and judged us outstanding in all areas.
(C. Newstead, HT: St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Huyton, Merseyside)

I am proud to say that with the same staff and teachers we went from satisfactory to be judged outstanding in every category just 3 years later. Ofsted were extremely impressed with the programme and the report highlights “the significant improvements in teaching, pupil progress and the standards they attain.” Thank you for your brilliant system which has transformed our school.
(K. Parsons, HT: Brant Broughton CE, Lincoln)

Our OfSTED outcome was great – inspectors were really impressed by the way we are using the Assertive Mentoring systems to REALLY assess children, analyse gaps, inform planning and individualise support. THANK YOU! I took a chance on a random email sent by yourselves and we haven’t looked back since!
(G. Young, HT: Houghton Primary, Huntingdon, Cambs)

The quality of teaching has improved significantly. The school was among the 25% most successful in the country last year to add value to its pupils’ achievement from their different starting points. The school is highly successful at helping pupils to develop excellent attitudes to learning.
(Bluebell Primary, Norwich: Ofsted - RI to Good)

The Assertive Mentoring system lies at the heart of the vast majority of the improvement outcomes for pupils seen during this visit and has proved a powerful tool in the classroom; driving up standards, accelerating progress; improving behaviour and motivating and empowering pupils and staff.
(HMI: Mount Pleasant Primary, Darlington: Ofsted – Special Measures to Good)

Teaching has improved and is now good. Teachers regularly check how well pupils are doing. They use these accurate assessments to pinpoint what pupils need to learn next and to ensure that they plan to fill any gaps in pupils’ knowledge and understanding. Pupils say that they enjoy weekly tests. The approach allows pupils to develop more resilient attitudes to learning as they know they can learn from any mistakes they make.
(Kimberworth Primary, Rotherham: Ofsted - RI to Good)

A robust system of assessment ensures teachers know how well pupils are progressing enabling them to plan precisely to close any gaps in attainment. Based on good assessments, the vast majority of lessons are well planned so that pupils make good progress. Pupils are enthusiastic and keen to learn and strive to achieve their targets. Pupils spoke eagerly about earning ‘smilies’ and how it was ‘good to be green’.
(Windmill Hill Primary, Sheffield: Ofsted) The school’s assertive mentoring programme has made many pupils passionate about their learning. The vast majority of pupils are making good progress with many exceeding their targets.

All behaviour observed in and around the school during the inspection was at least good. The quality of teaching and the achievement of pupils have improved considerably.
(St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary, Wythenshaw: Ofsted)

Impact On Standards

We cannot praise the system highly enough. Our results have risen year on year, despite the higher standards of the new curriculum. We achieve 90%+ in maths and grammar with at least 25% of our pupils achieving greater depth. We can confidently say that our pupils are better at fluency in maths, more confident in their ability and have greater ownership of their learning.
(Carmen Athersmith, ACT DH: St Columba’s School, Cumbria)

AM has had a massive impact on our standards. This year we have seen maths results increase from 57% to 91%. Teachers find the assessments manageable and use the results to inform future planning, target teaching and fill gaps through interventions. This system works for us.
(Mils Majevadia: Anderton Park School, Birmingham)

We are absolutely delighted with Assertive Mentoring and our much improved SAT results.

The impact is outstanding, brilliant, absolutely fantastic!
(R. Partington, HT: New Moston Primary, Manchester)

We are convinced AM has been the single most effective method we have implemented for raising standards. Thank you so much for unlocking the secret for us.
(S. Pikulsky, HT: Field End Junior, Ruislip)

Great results again! 3 years of consistent upward movement in all areas. We can trace this improvement back to the moment we introduced AM! Thanks again!
(Mark Brennan, HT: St Mary’s RC Primary, Halifax)

There’s no question it has had a major positive impact for us over the last 3 years.
(Ross Peacock, HT: Moresby School, Moresby)

We have the highest results in the school’s history thanks to Assertive Mentoring.

This stuff just works!
(K. Schooling, HT: Ross St Michael, Doncaster)

The children in our school have definitely made accelerated progress and their knowledge and understanding of maths has improved as a result.
(Diane West, HT: Whitchurch Junior School, Shropshire)

We are thrilled that we were well above the national figure for RWM combined. We know the maths has a huge impact on our learners and the weekly basic skills are certainly developed well – they are then able to apply them in different concepts and situations. The writing and grammar hammer also help to support the children’s use of grammar and the teachers to plan specifically.
(Jackie North, HT: Benwick Primary, Cambridge)

We did exceptionally well at Greater Depth by following Assertive Mentoring in RWM.

It has helped with staff knowledge and ensured good overall coverage. Moderators loved the clarity of evidence and could not dispute the evidence trail. Parents have loved the summary sheets which have focussed their minds on supporting.
(Sharon Harris, HT: Bilton Infants, Rugby)

Our results were again very good; another clear improvement and once again above national standards. AM has had a fantastic impact on our reading, writing and maths. It has enabled our children to achieve at a high level.
(Stuart Isherwood: St Catharine’s Primary, Wigan)

Truly amazing results. Using the weekly skills and focusing on the gaps meant we got our best grammar results ever. We are delighted as this particular year group were our very low achieving cohort.
(Paul Haylock, DHT: Poverest Primary, Kent)

Without AM I don't think our maths results would have been anywhere near what they were, and that was after just a term!
(Sarah Mills, HT: Stockton on the Forest Primary School, York)

I am a believer! Our results are way beyond our dreams (and targets) and our best ever.
(R. Williams, HT: Docking CE, Kings Lynn)

We introduced AM a year ago and saw immediate progress throughout the Key Stage especially in maths. However, it was the basis of why we had our best ever writing results – even with the new curriculum. Without AM we would never have achieved this.
(A. Ross, DH: Hill View Junior School, Sunderland)

We have done really well this year – very bizarre when it looks like the rest of the world has regressed. 87% for writing, 100% for reading and 98% for maths. AM has had a massive impact and all teachers/children enjoy the key skills. So as a whole that means 87% for RWM which is huge. Many thanks.
(Jo McGill: Jericho Primary, Cumbria)

We achieved well above the national average. We don't normally get above but Assertive Mentoring has been really thorough and enabled us to track children more carefully, identify gaps and focus our teaching. It’s been very exciting.
(Jo Powell, HT: Rivelin Primary, Sheffield)

Best ever results within a year of introducing Assertive Mentoring. The staff and children are hungry for more.
(T. Croasdale, HT: St. Paul’s Primary, Bury)

Impact On Children And Staff

HMI were most impressed with the progress we have made in such a short time. In particular the way in which Assertive Mentoring has motivated children and given them greater control of their own learning journey.
(Clare Daddy, HT: Buttershaw Primary, Bradford)

We were in Notice to Improve so we introduced AM. Now we have been judged as good with outstanding features. HMI said AM has had a ‘transformational effect on children’s attitudes to learning’.
(J. Ditchburn, HT: Ashfield Junior, Workington)

Assertive Mentoring is making a real difference to our children. They absolutely love Big Maths!
(Ailsa Metcalfe: Spotland Primary, Rochdale)

The staff and children love the systems. The impact is clear and immediate!
(C. Ord, DHT: Our Lady of the Rosary, Durham)

Our SAT results are so much better than ever before. HMI are impressed with the impact of Assertive Mentoring and the kids absolutely love it!
(West Melton Junior: Rotherham)

I just had to tell you. We have just completed our weekly attendance and have 5 classes at 100% and 2 classes at 99% - we only have 10 classes! We have never had attendance like this before and put it all down to Assertive Mentoring! Thank you!
(Sheryl Wrigley, Knowsley)

We introduced Assertive Mentoring at the start of Sept. It had a great impact in year 1 but even more so this year with the children making overall outstanding progress across the school. The staff love it, I love it, the kids love it and the governors get it!
(E. Pepper, HT: St Botolph’s, Leicester)

Our year on year progress has improved more than we could have imagined and teachers enjoy the understanding they have of children’s targets. However, far and away the most valuable part of the system is the ownership it gives children of their own learning. They love knowing their targets and the buzz in school when they all find they have made progress is amazing.
(Val Hall, HT: St Mark’s Elm Tree Primary)

Since we started using Assertive Mentoring the results so far are clear and the children really love it!
(C Sharpley-Ellis, AHT:Ferrars Junior, Luton)

Not only did AM have a huge impact on the pupils, it also empowered and re-motivated staff, who were able to work smarter and be more focussed on pupil outcomes.
(Bev Oldham, SLT: St Peter’s Primary, Ashton)

The Assertive Mentoring system has changed, for the better, the way I feel as a teacher and revolutionised my practice.
(R. Goffee, Y6 Teacher: Mount Pleasant Primary, Darlington)

I absolutely love the Assertive Mentoring System. The children love it because they know exactly where they are and what they have to do next to level up. A brilliant system; I only wish we’d discovered it years ago!
(K. Britton, DHT: Oakdale Primary, Peterborough)

It has totally blown me away and really made me rethink the whole ethos of teaching.

Assertive Mentoring is a breath of fresh air and, in my opinion, what is needed to refresh an outdated system and refresh classroom teaching.
(Matt Lapping: Learning Mentor)

This has had a massive impact in my classroom. Y6 had just 12 weeks of using the AM programme. KS2 results showed a 25% increase at in English and in maths.
(J. Kendall Y6 Teacher)

I just wanted to say how brilliant we think the Assertive Mentoring System is. The approach made absolute sense to me and I could see that it was just what we as a school needed. I have found the Holy Grail!
(Nicola Wood, HT: Greatstone Primary, Kent)

The Assertive Mentoring system is outstanding. It has a significant impact upon the motivation and progress of pupils.”
(G. Downey: Red Hall Primary SIP)

Transformational Impact

We were fearing Special Measures. We now have the highest VA in Lancashire and are in the top 100 schools nationally! I do believe that introducing AM was the turning point for our school not just academically but in our whole ethos.
(K. Blacoe, HT: Primet Primary, Lancashire)

Things just keep getting better. Our results last year placed us in the top 1% of the country for progress in all subjects. The Minister of State for Schools has written to congratulate us on the progress made (our starting position was 30% E&M combined just two years ago!). I firmly believe that our use of the Assertive Mentoring teaching model has been a strong influencing factor on the raising of standards.
(K. Burns, HT: St Peter’s Primary, Ashton)

A huge THANK YOU for a career changing system. 100% is unheard of here but WE did it!

I’m totally convinced! Assertive Mentoring has put us in the 100 top performing schools.
(R. Williams, HT: Docking Primary, King’s Lynn)

The whole-school system has transformed the behaviour, attitudes, attendance and attainment of our children. In just one year, pupil progress has gone from one of the lowest attaining schools in the country (61% achieving required progress) to one of the top (100%) up 39%. We were identified as one of the two most improved schools in West Yorkshire. I can testify that Assertive Mentoring really works!
(Annie McNally, HT: St Malachy’s Catholic Primary, Halifax)

The difference in climate, culture and pupil behaviour is immeasurable since the last visit.
(A. Dunn: Assistant Director, Children’s Services, Darlington LA)

Having been stuck around 50% for the last 6 years in our results jumped straight to 75% within the first year and an incredible 89% the next. We are all stunned and mightily relieved. Thank you so much for Assertive Mentoring it has made a real difference to our children and staff.
(Angela Maxted, HT: Cheriton Primary, Kent)

Never has an initiative made such a massive impact so quickly. WOW! Assertive Mentoring is the perfect tool. It really works. Our highest ever result in writing was 67%, it has immediately jumped to 84% and reading went to an incredible 92%! Thank you so much.

(C. Greenaway, HT: Wavell Junior, North Yorks)

This school, which once struggled with standards, has been transformed by Assertive Mentoring. It so clearly identifies what we need to do and what the children need that teaching is far more focussed and learning is accelerated.
(Joe Hall, HT: North Wheatley Primary, Notts)

We only started the writing after Christmas but results rose from 40% to an incredible 90%!
(C. Harrison, HT: St Edmund’s RC, Salford)

I cannot believe the speed and scale of its impact. This is an entirely different school - a total transformation.
(J. Steel: Lead IO, Darlington LA)


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