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C1a. Science Criteria System

AIM: To ensure consistent recording, reporting and tracking of pupil progress in science across the whole school.

We have organised the National Curriculum PoS for science into clear assessment criteria for every year group (stage) across the school. We consistently track pupil progress against the relevant criteria for individual, groups and classes.

It provides a ‘one sheet to view’ overview of pupil/group/class performance across all areas which informs teaching, targets and interventions.

Year 5 Science Criteria

living things

C1b. Whole School Assessment System

AIM: To ensure that ALL criteria from ALL stages are regularly, consistently, accurately and efficiently assessed.

5  Stage 5 Test 1

This small village school has been transformed by Assertive Mentoring. It so clearly identifies what we need to do and what the children need that teaching is far more focussed and learning is accelerated.

J. Hall, HT: North Wheatley Primary, Notts

These specially designed assessments perfectly reflect the science criteria for each year group (Y1-Y6). That means after one assessment of one hour the school has an accurate snap shot of how every child is performing against all age-related expectations! Coupled with the tracking system, the assessments are so efficient for data gathering and so effective at informing planning, targets, practise and organisation; that schools complete them every term. These regular ‘snap-shots’ soon build into clear picture of teacher/pupil performance, effectiveness of interventions and more.

C2a. KS2 Science Screens

There are two end-of-key-stage Science Screens. Their content is drawn from the science PoS from across the whole of KS2. They provide a comprehensive, simple and efficient way to assess knowledge and skills retained across the key stage.

The science Screen’s Criteria is taken straight from the Programme of Study (PoS) for the National Curriculum across KS2. The KS2 Criteria Screen shows which stage/year in the PoS each criteria is taken from. These, in turn, are cross referenced with the Science Assessment Criteria (D1:a) and the termly Science Assessments (D1:b) for each year group.

science content crop

The KS2 Screens DO NOT replace the existing termly assessments in UKS2.

However, they should prove invaluable in facilitating focused teaching in UKS2 to revisit and recap previous learning.

They efficiently assess pupil performance against key objectives across the whole key stage.

Teaching and support are fully informed allowing UKS2 teachers to revisit learning from previous years in a very efficient way.

2  Science Screen 1

C2b. Science Scheme of Work

An outline Scheme of Work is provided for each Stage (Year) Stages 1-6.

This SoW is designed to be taught in a spiral manner. Pupils are introduced to each topic 3 times throughout the year, once a term. Each term they will build on their previous knowledge to ensure continuity in a pupils’ learning.

4  S4 Outline SoW

Thank you for your brilliant system which has transformed our school.

K. Parsons, HT: Brant Broughton CE, Lincoln


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