What is Assertive Mentoring?

Assertive Mentoring is a fully-resourced and revolutionary, whole-school approach to teaching and learning.
It ensures consistent practice, accurate assessment, focussed teaching and relevant interventions.

Schools across the country are finding that this results in pupil empowerment, accelerated learning and dramatically higher standards with amazing speed.

All resources are fully compatible with the new core curriculum.

The single most effective method we have implemented for raising standards. Thank you so much.

S. Pikulsky, HT: Field End Jnr, Ruislip


Still struggling with standards?

Need to maintain high standards?

Progress is patchy?

Worried about your next Ofsted?

Suffering from initiative fatigue?

A specific core subject not performing?

Primary Assertive Mentoring (PAM) can address any or all of these issues. It rigorously integrates assessment, target setting, tracking and mentoring with spectacular results. It will lead a school out of difficulty, lift a good school to outstanding or maintain an outstanding school because it raises achievement for all.

At last something that really works!

B. Aylett, HT: Montgomery Junior School, Colchester

The Key components include:

Regular and consistent assessment of pupil attainment

Robust target setting

Focussed teaching

Relevant interventions

Rigorous tracking of pupil progress

Effective feedback to pupils and parents

Consistency means maximum efficiency and impact.

The impact is outstanding, brilliant, absolutely fantastic!

R. Partington, HT: New Moston Primary, Manchester

It’s not about working harder.

But working smarter.

We are all stunned and mightily relieved. Thank you so much.

A. Maxted, HT: Cheriton Primary, Kent

The key systems ensure that all teachers are able to perform as effectively as the best and keep the entire school focussed on the things that matter – pupil progress and standards.

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

I have found the Holy Grail!

N. Wood, HT: Greatstone Primary, Kent

The key outcomes include:

  • True Assessment for Learning
  • A personalised curriculum
  • Empowered and motivated pupils
  • Accelerated learning
  • Raised standards for all

A brilliant system; I only wish we’d discovered it years ago!

K. Britton, DHT: Oakdale Primary, Peterborough

Assertive Mentoring establishes what a child can do and what they need to do to move to the next stage of learning. The process allows teachers to set appropriate, achievable targets in the core subjects of English, maths and science as well as attitude and behaviour (if required) every half term.

Children know exactly what stage they are working at and what they need to do to improve further. Marking and feedback is very focussed and pupil progress is regularly reviewed.

Assertive Mentoring so clearly identifies what we need to do and what the children need that teaching is far more focussed and learning is accelerated.

J. Hall, HT: North Wheatley Primary, Notts


What makes Assertive Mentoring so different is that it involves, empowers and motivates the children themselves. Assessments, targets and progress are shared and must therefore be in a format that the children can understand.

The teacher becomes a ‘mentor’ and has a regular, one to one dialogue with pupils using a positive ‘can do’ approach, motivating, supporting, and removing potential barriers to learning hence the name ‘assertive mentoring’.

Assertive Mentoring has been a major force in the culture of change within my school.

M. Standen, HT: Holy Trinity CE Primary, Darwen


Ofsted loved it and moved us from satisfactory to good.
(E. Wickham, DHT: Burnwood Primary, Stoke)

HMI were most impressed.
(C. Daddy, HT: Buttershaw Primary, Bradford)

Ofsted were extremely impressed.
(K. Parsons, HT: Brant Broughton CE, Lincoln)

The impact of AM was pivotal in achieving an outstanding judgement. (K. Ware, Exec Principal: Timu Academy Trust, Kent)

Ofsted love it and moved us from RI to good within the year!
(M. Tapp, HT: Kimberworth C of L, Rotherham)

What do the staff and children think of it?


The staff and children love the systems. (C. Ord, DHT: Our Lady of the Rosary, Durham)

The staff and children are hungry for more. (T. Croasdale, HT: St. Paul’s Primary, Bury)

The kids absolutely love it! (West Melton Junior: Rotherham)

We love the systems! (K. Richardson: Washingborough Academy, Lincolnshire)


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